FootBed Blanks

Blank Sizes:  S-25.5cm  M-27.7cm  L-29.4cm  XL-31cm  XXL-34cm




Flex-Fit Pro

This model combines our 1/16" Isoprene-plastic & perforated EVA. Together they create a very durable fore-foot flexible blank. This works well for a variety of sports; including alpine skiing, XC ski, skate and snowboarding. Works best with the HD Vac molding platform.





Wooly 3 

This is the newest model in our lineup. It features 3mm Merino Wool laminated to our KX60 plastic. Warmth, moisture wicking, and dry feet are the highlights of this model. Plus too, the friction coefficient stays at the perfect grippy-slippy balance for ease of entry and exit.



Wooly 1

This model features a 1mm layer of Merino Wool to create our thinnest topskin and blank. It is built for high performance! Offering all the benefits of Wool for moisture wicking, warmth and the perfect amount of friction coefficient. 



Pro-Fit 60

This model features a 2mm layer of perforated EVA and KX60 plastic to create one of the thinnest blanks in our lineup. The EVA creates a higher friction coefficient (so your feet won't slide in the boot). Plus greater durability than all our other topskins. As well, it won't absorb any moisture, so it will not deteriorate under foot. This is built for high performance! 





Ski-Fit 60 

This model has been in our lineup for the last 15 years. It features our Velveteen topskin with a foam laminate below. It is bonded to our KX60 plastic, creating one of the thinnest and quickest molding blanks ever.

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