Way back when...

In 1983 I was working for the Bahnhof Sport Shop in Traverse City, Michigan. I had my first ski orthotics made by Peterson Labs there. Once in my boots, I instantly felt greater alignment, comfort and support. It was amazing to finally step into my ski boots that truly fit for the first time. 



In 1986 I moved to Oregon with the windsurf boards I had built. Bruised heels and dented boards was a common occurance while windsurfing. 

So in 1989 I invented a foot pad called 

the Gorge Jumpadz and formed North Shore Inc.




During that time we created a Division for making Custom Footbeds.

Since 1991 I have been marketing them as Footworx.



In 1996 I completed massage training at the Oregon School of Massage. During that summer, I passed the Oregon state exam to become an LMT.



In 2005 I completed Pedorthic Training at Oklahoma State University at Okamulgee. Several months later, I passed the Certified Pedorthist (C.Ped) exam. 


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