Testimonials from a few of our customers


Philip in Salt Lake City

Part art, part science - the expertise Mark brings to his work is extraordinary.

He looks at the foot/feet not in isolation, but as part of the whole functioning body. 

In the realm of creating the optimum healing/comfort/performance conditions for your feet,

I don't see how there could be any better value out there.


    Pamela in Hood River

I have worn orthotics for over two decades made for me by a chiropractor, and yet it wasn't until I came to Footworx that I discovered my old inserts didn't fully support my arch.
Once the Orthotics were in my shoes, I could feel the difference immediately, especially while exercising. Mark made them to support the true shape of my arch, supporting my entire body. 
During the fitting process, Mark noticed that my stride was uneven and discovered that my left leg is shorter. After further testing, he added a 5mm heel lift in my shoes & sandals so that I could walk more in balance.
      This has made moving about my day more enjoyable.
Overall, working with Mark was a very pleasant experience. I found him to be a pretty knowledgable and friendly person. 

Jen in Hood River

Mark made sure that my custom footbeds fit and functioned perfectly in my tele-boots.

He took the time to evaluate areas where my arches needed extra support. I now have much better support in my boots, which helps me ski stronger with less fatigue. 

Plus, he installed a wool topsheet that is comfortable and warm.

After a sweaty day on the hill, my feet still felt dry.  

Billy on Mt. Hood

I am a Ski Patroler 40 hours a week at Mt. Hood Meadows.

My wife, Jenny and I came to see Mark in February 2016 to get some fit issues

resolved with our ski boots.

He made a mold of my feet, then finished

the custom footbeds and fit them in my boots.  Since then, my life has changed for the better.

Thanks for your help Mark. The footbeds really feel good. 

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